Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes You Hate

Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes You Hate

  1. Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  2. Love Triangle
  3. InstaLove
  4. Emotionally Closed Off Characters
  5. Miscommunication

Oh the manic pixie dream girl in literature, television, movies, and so forth for all eternity. It is basically impossible to not have encountered this trope in modern culture. A female character with mystery and intrigue, aloof to the world, who teaches a male character about enjoying life. Woohoo, how original! Shouldn’t they be figuring out life on their own. I think the reason this trope bothers me so much is that a character can learn about the world from someone but they don’t have to be carefree and out of touch or a romantic interest for that matter. That is one of the reasons I love Paper Towns by John Green so much. It explores this phenomenon in such a crucial way.

Following the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is the dreaded love triangle which may be more overused then the former. I have read countless books with the love triangle aspect, some I adore and others just don’t do it for me. A lot of times it feels like the love triangle is relied on to make a story compelling which is where the novel fails. If its not a defining characteristic of the plot then the book generally succeeds. The love triangle can be such a mixed bag but it won’t stop me from reading those stories.

InstaLove is another trope that I often find in stories whether they are adult, young adult or even children’s fiction. The idea of falling in love instantly with someone upon first meeting can just be ridiculous. It doesn’t surprise me that it occurs so often though since we have grown up with the notion. The basis of so many Disney movies or children’s tales have fostered this concept of InstaLove are whole lives and it is still hard to avoid it even as adults.

Another trope I have a hard time enjoying is when a character is emotionally closed off. It’s hard to get into a book when one of the main players is so difficult to connect with. I’m not the most open person myself but come on now, if you don’t show any emotion people will have no way to get to know you. It’s irritating and usually makes the story drag along.

Last but not least is miscommunication between characters in a novel. I often find myself inwardly screaming at a character to just talk. Its so aggravating and yeah it probably serves the plot but if everyone would just communicate everything would work out so much better. The amount of times this happens in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix alone gets me every time. Just use your words!

What are your most hated tropes? Let me know in the comments and check back next week for Top 5 Book Series You Wish Had More Books!

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey on Youtube) as a way for book reviewers and lovers to share their love of lists every Wednesday. Check out the Goodreads group at

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