Comic Review: Deadly Class, Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole

23519505Deadly Class, Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole by Rick Remender, Wesley Craig, and Lee Loughridge

Published by Image Comics on March 3, 2015

Genres: Comics, Thriller, Mystery, Graphic

Pages: 128 Format: Paperback Source: Library

3.5/5 Stars

This review contains light spoilers for both Deadly Class Volumes 1 and 2.

Marcus Lopez is settling into life at Kings Dominion for the Deadly Arts, a secret elite school, to train the next generation of assassins. He has a girl, a circle of friends, and he’s learning a trade: the craft of killing. But his murderous past is about to catch up with him, and there are a few things about Marcus that even his friends don’t know. Secrets that threaten the lives of everyone around him. Because there’s a reason Marcus was sought out by the school’s shadowy principal Master Lin, a man who’s long had an eye for Marcus’s unique talents. Continuing the story of a group of damaged, deranged, and struggling teenagers living through one of the country’s most vibrant and chilling eras.

Deadly Class, Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole is the second installment of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s brutal story of a group of students at a school for assassins. Rick Remender’s story arc follows up on the events in Vol. 1: Reagan Youth with the search for the man who took Chico. We also discover what really happened to Marcus in the orphanage as a child, how he ended up with his murderous reputation, and how it connects to their current predicament. Volume 2 collects issues #7-11 of Deadly Class.

I found Kids of the Black Hole to flow much more smoothly than the first volume. This book is very graphic which doesn’t bother me but some scenes just did not seem necessary to the plot. The dialogue about comics and comic shops within Deadly Class was one of my favorite parts. It reminded me that the industry is a many headed beasts with all types of storytelling elements and styles and everyone does not agree on what works best. The art by Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge fits this story so well with the coloring expressing the darkness of the plot, reflecting the perverseness of the terror. Even the bright colors are tempered to effect the story.

Overall I liked Deadly Class Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole. There were a few things that got under my skin but the good outweighed the bad. The overarching intrigue of Kings Dominion for the Deadly Arts’ principal, Master Lin, and his interest in Marcus as well as the dangling plot points at the end of this collection still pique interest and makes me want to continue reading this story. There seems to be more intrigue and action to come and I definitely want to check it out.

Have you read Deadly Class? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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