Top 5 Wednesday: Banned Books I’ve Read

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey on Youtube) as a way for book reviewers and lovers to share their love of lists every Wednesday. Check out the Goodreads group.

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Fahrenheit 451
  3. His Dark Materials
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. Looking for Alaska


Oh, banned books how I love thee! It’s amazing the lengths people will go to prevent people from reading. It just shows how powerful the written word can be.

My top pick is obviously the Harry Potter series banned for strangely enough, witchcraft. Who would have thought? I actually wrote a paper in high school about why the series should be read in school. Top marks!

Next is Fahrenheit 451. Oh the irony of this book being banned. A book about the banning and burning of literature. Really? I love this book so much!

His Dark Materials is a series I read at an age I probably didn’t understand everything that was going on but it is so well done and amazing I’d like to eventually read it again. The series is frequently banned on religious grounds and created great uproar from the Catholic community.

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time books but its topics of race and rape are often used as reasoning to be banned. Other reasons include profanity but this just goes to show what censorship is trying to silence.

Last on this list is Looking for Alaska. Banned for sexual activity as well as language. It’s like people have no idea what’s going on in this world and want to keep everyone in the dark with them.

I love all of these books for so many reasons whether I read them for school or for pleasure. I think it’s a shame that some may not have the opportunity to experience them because they’ve been classified as sensitive material or problematic. Read all the books!

What are your Top 5 Banned Books? Let me know in the comments and check in next week for another Top 5 Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Banned Books I’ve Read

  1. These are some wonderful choices. I had To Kill a Mockingbird and Harry Potter on my list as well. It is such a shame that people ever want to ban such beautiful and influential books. I agree, it really does show just how powerful the written word is! Great post! 🙂


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