Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon, Vol 2: Storytailer

23546879Rocket Raccoon, Vol 2: Storytailer by Skottie Young, Fillipe Andrade, and Jacob Parker

Published by Marvel Comics on August 11, 2015

Genres: Graphic Novel, Comic, Superheroes, Science Fiction

Pages: 136 Format: Hardcover Source: Library

4/5 Stars

It’s a cosmic calamity as Rocket tries to fix his past…er… bad calls! Next stop: the dreaded WINTER PLANET ! Winter all the time? Worst. Planet. Ever. The meanest, toughest, wittiest, and furriest guardian of the galaxy just broke out his BIGGEST GUNS . Rocket Raccoon rockets into our hearts with the series beloved by Marvel fans everywhere!

COLLECTING: Rocket Raccoon 7-11

Rocket Raccoon and his big buddy Groot are at it again in this second volume from Skottie Young. There is exciting space romps, witty banter, and a undercurrent of finding where to belong and what is truly important in the world. Make no mistake about it, I am a Marvel fangirl but it still surprises me how well a raccoon and a tree make such a great story.

Young brings out the funny like no other and even when Groot is speaking the humor is on point. I feel like the most important part of this volume is the Gilmore Girls reference Rocket makes to Groot. It made me laugh out loud during a scene that is also very touching. There’s even an appearance by Cosmo the Spacedog! Skottie Young also does an excellent job of balancing that humor with emotional storylines which provides a well rounded narrative for all.

The illustrations and coloring by Andrade and Parker is absolutely beautiful. I’m a sucker for traditional comic/superhero art and this hits right at my heart. The colors are so vibrant that they jump from the page; bright and enticing. I particularly liked the depiction of the Winter Planet. The gorgeous contrasts between the light and dark really stand out.

Overall Rocket Raccoon, Vol 2: Storytailer is another excellent installment in this space saga. A mix of humor and serious situations, Rocket and Groot make their way in the galaxy by dealing with it in their own violent, ridiculous way. Go check it out!!!

So have you read Skottie Young’s take on Rocket Raccoon? How’d you feel about the movie version? Let me know in the comments!


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