NaNo 2015 Week 1 Update

Nano 2015

So the first week of NaNoWriMo has come and gone. Sometimes it feels like NaNo started like three months ago and yet at other times just a day ago. It always has its ups and downs but so far I haven’t felt like quitting too often. There was one big rut where I just wanted to bang my head against a wall until I got out of it but I made it through.

My novel this year is a fantasy, set in the lands of Efran where small village attacks and whispers of a prophesied savior are leading up to a major war brewing between the six kingdoms. The main character Jessa Drake is a young mysterious woman with elemental magic that she rarely can control and a masterful precision with blades and bow who seeks out answers to the changing climate of her world. She is joined by Callen March, a rogue as talented a fighter as her and just as quick to keep his past to himself.

The working title for this first draft is Forged. I’m not sure about it, but maybe something better will come down the line. There is so much more of this story to write and I have a feeling it will well surpass 50,00 words at the end of it all but the words just keep flowing. I constantly have to stop myself from editing since it’s the only way I can keep going.

Since I’m doing updates every week I decided that for the first time in six years of NaNoWriMo I’m going to share a little of my writing. Here are a few snippets from my WIP.

The first time Jessa and Callen meet:

Clapping her hands very slowly, Jessa waited for the man to turn around. He glanced back and she gave him a smirk. Two more steps and then he turns fully to face her. “Well played,” she remarks as the thief looks rather bored with the scenario. He doesn’t comment so Jessa continues “honestly I think they would have given you the bracelets outright if you were willing to put out.”

His shoulders tense, tightening against the leather. “Nice catch,” he replies with a small smile. “Not many see my movements.” He slowly moves his right hand back to his belt for reassurance on the stolen goods.

“They generally look elsewhere, right” she continues waiting for the big reveal. When he realizes the pouch is missing he tries not to react but Jessa cannot help but smile at his concern. “Missing something,” she asks coyly. She waits a few moments hoping for a response, but finally pulls the pouch from behind her back. “Not too observant, yourself,” she teases. His left hand hovers over the hilt of his blade and Jessa cannot help but continue on. “What are you going to do? Gut me.”

“Well there’s a thought,” he says gruffer than before.

Now some action:

The remaining slavers now make their move with one of their attackers wounded. A man slides out from under the cart with cat like reflexes already on his feet. Callen engages at once blocking a blow to his waist. Another arrow from a crossbow nearly catches Jessa and the high ground is no longer an option. She drops down off the second story rolling into a crouch and before the woman can reload her crossbow, Jessa pulls her daggers and swiftly drags them across her opponent’s neck.

Current Word Count

  • 16,231

Random Internet Searches

  • Sword terms
  • Wild edible plants
  • Medieval life
I hope this first week of NaNoWriMo has been wonderful for every single person participating. Whether you’ve written 500 words or 50,000, you made an effort to get words on the page. Even if you spent the whole week planning a storyline or researching a topic, it’s all about having fun and celebrating creativity and writing! So go forth, conquer and check back in next week.
P.S. I’d love to hear how everyone else’s NaNoWriMo is going. Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “NaNo 2015 Week 1 Update

  1. I’m glad Nano is going well for you! You story sounds great – gotta love a strong female protagonist 🙂 I’m really enjoying nano this year and so far I’m on track which is good, but the best thing is just finally getting my story into the page! Keep powering through!


  2. I’m way behind. Currently, I’m trying to reach 5,000 words. Now, I’m at 3,647. Last week, I had to write a short story for my creative writing class. So I focused my energy on that. Anyway, I’m just happy to get some writing done. I hope to finish NaNoWriMo somewhere within the 10,000+ word range. It’s not much but the way school’s going, that would be just fine.


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