Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord, Vol 2: Rise of the Black Vortex

23546831Legendary Star-Lord, Vol. 2: Rise of the Black Vortex by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina

Published by Marvel Comics on August 4, 2015

Genres: Graphic Novel, Comic, Superheroes, Science Fiction

Pages: 160 Format: Paperback Source: Library

3/5 Stars

Peter comes face to face with Mr. Knife! And you won’t believe who’s behind that snazzy mask. And all this craziness seems to have put a little strain on Peter and Kitty’s relationship. You know what’ll fix that right up? SPACE DATE ! Or rather…SPACE PRISON BREAK! Peter Quill, what a catch. Couples fight. We all know they do. Especially when one half of the couple is Peter Quill. You know what we find often helps a rough patch? Space mischief and scoundreling! That’s a word, right? Of course, it can also distract you from the whole…guarding the galaxy thing. Relationships, am I right? COLLECTING: Legendary Star-Lord 6-10

Another space romp with a Guardian of the Galaxy? Clearly I have a type after last week’s review. Peter Quill’s love life is on full display in this compilation from Marvel, but the universe seems to be working against him. One hit after another leaves him reeling but the worst is yet to come.

So yeah, Peter Quill’s kind of a playboy which totally gets under my skin. Now though he’s fallen hard for Kitty Pryde and it is marvelous. She’s such an all around wonderful character and their dynamic is perfect. He brings Kitty out of her shell and she brings more calm to Peter’s demeanor. It’s not all sunshine and roses though. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome and they are not glossed over.

My biggest issue with this collection is the fact that it is not a cohesive unit. Issues 9-11 are a part of a larger crossover event with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men but these other issues are not included. There are summaries of previous events but it makes it difficult to understand the full story and not to mention forcing the reader to seek the storyline elsewhere. Issues 6, 7, and 8 focus on Peter and Kitty but 12 focuses on Peter’s half sister, Victoria. It’s just all over the place.

Overall Legendary Star-Lord, Vol. 2: Rise of the Black Vortex is a great time. Humorous characters, new love, and high stakes combine for some great storytelling. I just wish that issues collected together have stronger ties in plot lines. Now I have to decide whether or not to pick up the full Black Vortex collection to get all the answers. Regardless if you love these Marvel characters definitely give this series a shot.

Have you read Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 2? Did the structure of this collection bother you too? Should I read the whole of the Black Vortex issues? Let me know in the comments!

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