NaNo 2015 Week 2 Update

Nano 2015

Week 2 has come and gone. Midway through November already. I am past the halfway point and feeling good about NaNoWriMo. This week was pretty much smooth sailing getting into moments and scenes that I had been waiting to write. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this novel and it hasn’t felt like a chore to keep typing away.

I made a couple of discoveries this week in regard to character and my novel as a whole. The first major one being that Jessa, my MC, may be bisexual. See I created this side character, The Watcher of Westfallen, a shady rogue who has her hands in questionable dealings and hordes information as if her life depends on it. It was clear they were connected but the more I kept writing it just feels right that they had a relationship in the past.

The other realization was that I am already halfway through 50,000 words and still have so much story left to tell. It finally hit me that this story might be two; a duology. There are so many kingdoms to visit and explore and the villain hasn’t even appeared in the present. Just some allusions to her so far. This is the first time one of my NaNo stories has gone this way.

Here are some excerpts:

“Oh is that all,” The Watcher snips. “What if I told you another name was mentioned along with this Lady of Light. A real name.”

Jessa waits not going to be the one to break the silence. If The Watcher wants to give up the info, she will in time. Probably for a price.

Callen is fidgeting next to her, not sure if to interject, not to mention they were standing on the outskirts of Axis with nine dead bodies around them. The Watcher of Westfallen had made sure they were not interrupted or reported. She holds more weight than the Mayor for some people in this city.

“Maribel,” The Watcher whispers into the night just loud enough that Jessa can hear the words from her lips.

“I think I like Lady of Light better,” Jessa responds her mind racing. “It has such a nice ring to it.”


Each advance, block, and swing of sword draws cheers from the small crowd. Jessa stands silently watching it all unfold. Her inner commentary of what could be done better flows as she anxiously waits for an outcome. Callen makes a sharp quick jab catching his sword tip with that of Rodrick’s hilt carefully avoiding his royal hands. The prince taken aback loses his grip and Callen flicks his wrist upward freeing the weapon from Rodrick’s hands. It soars up into the air and clatters to the dirt.

Current Word Count


Best Playlist to Write To

Six of Crows Spotify Playlist!!!!!!

Let me know how your stories have progressed! Any revelations? I hope everyone is still having a great time with NaNoWriMo and keep up the great work!


2 thoughts on “NaNo 2015 Week 2 Update

  1. 30000’s great! Well done! I’m still behind 25000… But I’m enjoying it so I guess that’s all that matters (haha my justification for everything) 😛


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