NaNo 2015 Week 3 Update

Nano 2015

Week 3 has flown by and NaNoWriMo is heading into the final stretch. I have passed the 40,00 mark and have resigned myself to the fact that next year I’ll probably write the second act. I have been mulling over title ideas since I kind of hate, Forged, my working title. Maybe Fire Rising with such strong ties to that element or Shadow Rising for the MC coming back into the open.

My main character Jessa’s back story was finally revealed this week. A past marred by pain, torment, and gut-wrenching loss. This was the scene I based my story around. A beginning I placed in the middle to keep the mystery alive. That’s probably why the writing has come much easier to me now. Here’s an inside look:

The first discovery:

The Brave Heart door opens up again, the constant entry and exit. “Nia,” a man’s voice that stops Jessa cold. She looks up at the entryway, a young man frozen on the spot stares back at her. Eyes wide, mouth slightly open. A rush of emotions floods his face. Jessa cannot move, sitting stunned next to Callen and Eliza. The rest of them look from her face to the man across the room. “Nia,” he repeats again. Fear, concern, worry, pain. It is all there in his voice. A small glimmer of hope too.

“Forgive me,” Prince Rodrick mutters. “He thinks you’re someone else.”

Jessa doesn’t even hear the prince, a buzzing in her head taking over her senses. “Dorian,” she whispers. It’s a question and an answer.

 A peek from the flashback:

Her mother, Queen Maribel, stands in the doorway. “This is my reckoning,” her mother says sweetly addressing no one, “and my awakening.” Antonia can barely see the guards behind the queen burns snaking up their limbs dying on the ground. With a flick of her wrists the fire ramps up tenfold. She turns and walks slowly down the royals’ passage without saying another word until Antonia loses her in the haze of ash, flame, and smoke.

Current Word Count


In this last full week of NanoWriMo, I’d love for you to share your writing stories, progress, ups and downs. Hearing about NaNo experiences is so thrilling. I’ll be posting one last update next week. Good luck pushing through the home stretch!


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