Book Review: Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

25131600Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Published by Del Rey on September 4, 2015

Genres: Science Fiction, Space, Action, Adventure

Pages: 366 Format: Hardcover Source: Library

4.5/5 Stars

The second Death Star is destroyed. The Emperor and his powerful enforcer, Darth Vader, are rumored to be dead. The Galactic Empire is in chaos.

Across the galaxy, some systems celebrate, while in others Imperial factions tighten their grip. Optimism and fear reign side by side.

And while the Rebel Alliance engages the fractured forces of the Empire, a lone Rebel scout uncovers a secret Imperial meeting…

Let me start by saying that I love Star Wars. I love it all, even the prequels that at moments were truly awful. Surprisingly though I have read very few books from the expanded canon. With the build up to The Force Awakens and the release of even more stories, I thought it was time I changed that.  Star Wars Aftermath picks up after the Battle of Endor and its main focus is what is happening on the planet Akiva.

I loved the new characters introduced in Aftermath. Each of them was unique, diverse, complex. It gave the story more weight and connecting with them was a highlight. I loved the dynamic between Temmin and Norra Wexley, Mister Bones, Jas Emeru, and Sinjir Rath Velus. A rebel, a boy, a battle droid, a bounty hunter, and an imperial defector teaming up was so cool. Even the opposition, especially Admiral Rae Sloane, were relatable and brought depth to the Empire.

Little interludes are spaced out throughout Aftermath highlighting other people and worlds. We discover the formation of the New Republic, the government established by the Rebel Alliance, to rise up in the wake of the empire. Discover Mon Mothma’s new leadership position, look in on Admiral Ackbar’s commands. Han and Chewie even make an appearance switching gears from an alliance mission to something more off the books.

Overall I really loved Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig. It was the perfect mix of old and new characters, an intriguing storyline, and the right amount of action and adventure. Wendig’s writing was outstanding, shining across the whole galaxy. His worldbuilding was exceptional bringing to life unexplored places. There are big things on the horizon and I cannot wait to keep reading. I would absolutely recommend this novel especially if you love Star Wars.

Favorite Quotes

  1. We’re all stardust and nothing, he thinks

    An absurd thought. But no less than the one that follows:

    We did this to ourselves.

  2. “The Empire is just a skin we wear, you see. A shell. It’s not just about law and order. It’s about total control. We will always come back for it. No matter how hard you work to beat us back, we are an infection inside the galaxy’s bones. And we will always surge forth when you least expect it.”
  3. Her planet for an astromech droid.
  4. “Ease off the throttle, you overconfident borgleball. One point does not make you a conqueror.”
  5. “It’s a ruse. It’s always a ruse with the rebels, isn’t it? Always some trick, some game.”

So are you reading this new expanded Star Wars universe? If so, what were your thoughts on Aftermath? Who’s excited for The Force Awakens? Let me know in the comments below!


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