NaNo 2015 Week 4 Update/Recap

Nano 2015

I have finished my NaNoWriMo novel!!!!!!! It’s all done and the feeling is glorious. I feel like those last 10,000 words are the hardest. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and though you should be racing towards it, I always feel like I can slack off. So I started to drag, but I pushed through it.

The idea I had at the beginning of my novel still holds true, but it kind of took a back seat in the set up. It probably won’t come to fruition until next year. Along the way I created some side characters that really took off and grabbed a larger focus then originally thought out. That’s the writing process I guess; trial, error, discovery.

Here are some last excerpts from my novel:


“Seize her,” commands King Gregor but this is not Jessa’s final bow. Her plan has reached its tipping point. The moment of truth is now upon her. Before any of the knights on the terrace can reach her, she steps back into the open air, leaving the railing behind and falling to the courtyard below.

Screams from the crowd as Jessa plummets down, time seeming to slow as she descends. The men and women in the courtyard push against each other trying to get out of the way. She can feel the air rushing past her brushing her skin. The balcony was only four stories up and a fall would kill or mortally injure. Jessa though latches onto the air, cascading around her, she grabs hold of it, slowing her descent.

The parting crowd makes just enough room for Jessa to land hard on the cobblestones. Not splatter, but not painless either. Her legs bent on impact and one knee drills into the rock. The panic the crowd provides in the courtyard makes it infinitely more difficult for the guards trying to reach her. They push and shove men and women out of the way but Jessa walks a path to the pyre, people fleeing from her in all directions.

The End:

The moon washes over them, looking down upon her and Callen resting in a tiny cave near the forest. The smell of the sea, salty and sweet fills her nostrils. What other place could evoke such painful memories? Raising her gaze from Callen’s peaceful face, Jessa sets her sights on the docks, the many colored boats tied in the harbor. The water lulling against the rocks, the hulls. The gentle back and forth of it all. She follows the familiar trail with her eyes. A few lights shine through windows but the city sleeps. It used to be the most glorious sight to Jessa’s eyes. Now her home was a ruin of its former self, just like her.

Total Word Count


Favorite Character Created

The Watcher of Westfallen

It’s been a really wild ride this year especially watching so many other people experience NaNoWriMo. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with NaNo, and if you’re still writing just keep trucking along. You Can Do It!!


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