November in Review

Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read


Comics I Read


Top Pick


Rick Riordan always seems to hit the right mix of funny and serious with all the mythology you could possibly want. Amazing book!!!

Goodreads Challenge 2015: 141/100

Life, etc.

November is such a busy month for me what with doing NaNoWriMo and all. Overall I managed everything pretty darn well. Stayed up to date with blog posts, got in 2,000 words a day for NaNo, finished a novel rough draft, and worked too. I even squeezed in four books and a few graphic novels.

My television show watching always suffers during this time of year especially with midseason finales and shows not starting up until later in the next year. I’m like six episodes behind in The Walking Dead, five behind on Quantico, three behind on Castle, and two behind on Criminal Minds. Hopefully with some time off and the holiday season I can catch up soon. That being said I watched all of Jessica Jones. Priorities, right?

I’m looking forward to December. I took a few days off throughout the month for my birthday and Star Wars so I can relax and do my own thing. I just want to sit around, read, watch Christmas movies, and bask in the holiday cheer.

I hope everyone had a great November and let me know in the comments what happened in your lives this past month!


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