December in Review ~ 2015


Welcome to my month in review!

Books I Read

Comics I Read

Novellas I Read

Top Pick


I going to give this one to Fire Falling by Elise Kova for December. I have been so impressed with her writing and this story just rocked my world!

Life, etc.

December is always a little crazy with the holidays and my birthday. This year Star Wars pretty much consumed me and I have been gearing up for Episode VII for what seems like forever. If you couldn’t tell by all my review posts for the comics, I’m kind of obsessed! Force Awakens will be watched over and over again once it comes out on Blu-ray. I’ve already seen it twice in theaters.

I had some extra days off to read and relax which has been wonderful. I watched all of Black Sails seasons 1 and 2 and will forever sing its praises. I’m in love with it. Pirates have now taken over my life and thankfully there are some amazing books coming out with that theme in 2016. I also started SyFy’s The Expanse and really enjoy it. I did not get caught up with as much TV as I wanted to though, but there is still time before they return.

So how was everyone’s December and 2015 as a whole? Who’s ready for the new year?

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