Tor Authors Meetup in Michigan

When I heard that Victoria Schwab and Susan Dennard were going to be in Michigan in January for an event together with a bunch more Tor authors, I immediately thought ‘I want to go’ and then ‘but the weather’. Then I thought of all the deterrents like working the next morning and driving back home in the dark. The war back in forth in my mind was inevitably decided the day before the event with plenty of encouragement from my coworkers.

I made the two and a half hour drive up to Livonia, smooth sailing the whole way, and arrived at the Northville Barnes & Noble around 5 PM. I met up with Jamie of BooksandLadders and Sarah of TheYABookTraveler to hangout beforehand, getting a little food and coffee in the café while we waited. It was amazing to be able to meet fellow bloggers in real life, talk about books (of course), and learn more about each other. We were able to get seats in the front row since we got there early.


The event area filled up, more seats were added, and there was quite a few people standing. It was great to connect with people from all over while waiting, the written word bringing us all together. The authors, all of them published by Tor, filtered in and took their seats at the front. Cheri Priest, Lawrence Schoen, Wesley Chu, John Scalzi, Max Gladstone, Greg Van Eekhout, Tom Doyle, Victoria Schwab, and Susan Dennard made up the author contingent.

IMG_0436 (2)

At the beginning each author was introduced, giving a little bit of their background and what their books were about and then it was right into the Q & A. There was a lot of discussion about each of the authors’ paths to writing and the publishing process as a whole. They all had very different stories of how they became authors. From writing at a young age and coming back to it later in life or knowing nothing else but putting pen to the page. It was very laid back with open, honest dialogue.


After an hour it was time for the signing and can I just say meeting Victoria and Susan was absolutely amazing. I had two copies of A Darker Shade of Magic and one of Vicious to be signed by Victoria and one copy of Truthwitch for Susan to sign. The signing itself was pretty quick to get to everyone there but a bunch of us hung around so we could get pictures with the lovely ladies.

IMG_0437 (2)

In the meantime, I got to meet Elise Kova, wonderful author of the Air Awakens series, who was in Michigan for ConFusion. I’ve already written a lengthy post on how well Elise handles being an independent author and manages her street team and she is just as amazing in person. It was great to chat with her about writing, all of the ideas she has going on, and upcoming trips.

IMG_0439 (2)

When all the signing was finished Victoria and Susan stuck around to take pictures and chat a little. They are such sweet, kind individuals. Gracious with their time and willing to speak with us. It makes me so happy to know I’m supporting authors that are so appreciative and welcoming. Eventually it was time to head out, say goodbye to all the bloggers, and head back home. With coffee and Act One of Hamilton on the way home, I made it back all in one piece.

This was my first author event and I am so happy that I went and got to meet everyone there. It was such a fun and magical experience that was definitely worth the drive. Connecting with people you’ve never met before can be worrisome but it didn’t phase me one bit with such awesome people. I will definitely be going to more events in the future after this, even if I have to drive across my state!

So, have you been to author signings before? Any great stories? Let me know in the comments and look out for a giveaway of a signed A Darker Shade of Magic for my Six Month Blogaversary!

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