Classic of the Month: Come Close by Sappho

ComeCloseCome Close by Sappho

Published by Penguin Classics on February 26, 2015

Genres: Fiction, Poetry, Classical

Pages: 55 Format: Paperback Source: Purchased

4.5/5 Stars

Image Credit: Goodreads

Sensual, sun-soaked verse on love and the gods in Ancient Greece, from the poet named ‘the tenth Muse’ by Plato.

This month’s classic, Come Close by Sappho, was a short but sweet interlude between all the new release books I’ve been reading this month. Born on the island of Lesbos, Sappho was a lyric poet from Ancient Greece. As with most classical literature, a majority of Sappho’s writing has been lost to the world, but her legacy lives on in surviving fragments like those contained in this compilation.

When I Discovered This Classic

Thank you BookTube for introducing me to this wonderful little edition. I started hearing about these Little Black Classics all over the internet when they were released a year ago but a special shout out goes to Jean Bookishthoughts who always mentions Sappho’s work in her videos.

Why I Chose To Read It

Clearly my history degree shows my passion and exuberance for historical works and my main focus has always been ancient culture, literature, religion, etc. Surprisingly I had never heard of Sappho’s poetry before last year so I thought I would remedy this situation and experience it for myself.

What Makes It A Classic

Sappho’s Come Close is a classic in the most traditional sense of the word. It’s classical literature having been written in Ancient Greece.

What I Thought Of This Classic

Come Close is a short yet stunning collection of poetry  With six different sections speaking on everything from goddesses, Troy, family, and little tidbits of wisdom. Poetry is not my forte and I rarely read it, but with such lovely writing Sappho brings these stanzas to life.  Here’s a little snippet:

You will have memories
Because of what we did back then
When we were new at this,

Yes, we did many things, then – all

I absolutely loved this tiny book!!! At fifty five pages it takes no time at all to immerse oneself in the verse. The nice thing about the writing is how easy it is to understand. A lot of times poetry can overwhelm but Come Close felt light and revitalizing, a breath of fresh air.

Will It Stay A Classic

Since the time period it was written in won’t be changing any time soon, Come Close will be remaining a classic.

Who I’d Recommend It To

Poetry lovers of the world give this classical take a spin! Even if you have no interest in the classics or poetry, its just such beautiful writing and so easily accessible that anyone could read and love it!

So, do you have a favorite work from ancient literature? Do you read a lot of poetry? Any recommendations? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Since this year I am partaking in the 2016 Classics Challenge run by Stacey at PrettyBooks, I thought I’d answer the questions she sets out.

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