Event Recap: Meeting Rainbow Rowell

When I got the email from one of my local library systems that Rainbow Rowell was coming for an author event on February 25 I was so overjoyed! From my first foray with Eleanor & Park to finally reading Attachments in January, Rainbow has become one of my favorite authors ever. I have read and now own all of her books and was delighted to get the chance to meet her in person.

IMG_0406 (2)

Of course when the day arrived, unpredictable Ohio weather was at it again, snowing pretty much all day but barely sticking to the ground. Thankfully the roads were alright to make the trek and we arrived there with plenty of time. I had talked my mom into coming with me. She’d read Landline previously and I wanted a buddy. Plus her car is better in bad weather.

IMG_0405 (2)

The Children’s Department Manager gave a lovely introduction for Rainbow being a huge fan herself and then it was time for Rainbow to step on stage. She was so charismatic despite her anxiety and essentially held a massive Q & A with an auditorium of people. Rowell is hilarious, just like her books, and she really connected with the audience. She spoke about deciding to keep her name (which yes is actually Rainbow) and how Park would make the best boyfriend but her deepest affection is for Baz and Levi.


Rainbow also talked a lot about the writing process and some tips for aspiring authors. She highlighted writing for oneself and for your own happiness, not just as a job, and the fact that not everything will be perfect as you write. That is what the editing process is for. On finding time to work, Rainbow advised to stop cleaning house. It really does take up a lot of time. She also talked about her love of Jo Walton’s books and she recently read Captive Prince and loved it.


There was a meet and greet beforehand that I wasn’t able to attend but Rainbow stayed after the talk to sign every single person’s books. It was definitely a long line but the library managed it extremely well. It was so wonderful to meet her and express my love for her books. She was so genuine and personal even with such a long program and I’m so glad I got to go!

So, are you a fan of Rainbow Rowell and her books? Attended any amazing events lately? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Event Recap: Meeting Rainbow Rowell

  1. Wow, Annalisse! This recap gave me chills – it was so perfectly written and recapped I felt like I was there with you! I’m so, so glad that you arrived safely and that the snow didn’t keep you from meeting Rainbow. I’ve heard from so many people that she is wonderful. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, but I hope to very soon! Baz is my absolute favorite character that she created. I wish he were real. . .not that he’d be interested in me. HAHA!

    Have you seen Happy Hello Art Instagram’s tease picture? They have Eleanor and Park magnetic bookmarks coming soon!


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