Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Items I Want

Top 5 Wednesday image

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey on Youtube) as a way for book reviewers and lovers to share their love of lists every Wednesday. Check out the Goodreads group

  1. Time Turner
  2. Kell’s Coat
  3. Flying Carpet
  4. Lightsaber
  5. Lembas Bread

With such a vast expanse of fictional worlds and creations within the book there was bound to be some unique items that readers would be dying to get their hands on. Here are just a few that I want all for myself!

The wonderful wizarding world J. K. Rowling created for us offered up some of the most amazing items worldbuilding can offer but above all the Time Turner has always stuck out to me. It may be my fascination with traveling through time, specifically the past but who wouldn’t want to go back and take more than one class at a given hour.

If we’re talking extremely cool fashion sense, Kell’s coat would be the one for me. With so many different coat options all within one piece of material Kell can change his look at any given moment. Plus the coat is always offering up different options, keeping it fresh. Not to mention plenty of pockets only you have access to.

Now when it comes to transportation, I’ve got my eyes on a flying carpet. Quite a few stories use a magical carpet within their pages exploring its endless powers. It be like a scenic open air plane ride or help maneuver through busy city streets with ease. The possibilities are endless!

For a weapon I’m totally picking a lightsaber from the Star Wars universe. I would find my own crystal and piece it together all by myself with the Force. I’ve always found swordfighting fascinating but wielding a lightsaber just seems infinitely cooler. With so many different fighting techniques I’d never get bored!

With Tolkien’s vast Middle Earth I’m picking a food option. The elves’ Lembas bread will keep you feeling full in the direst of circumstances. I’m not sure the nutritional value on this but I’m sure it can’t be to bad, right?

So do you have fictional items you would love to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments below!


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