Spring Bloggiesta Wrap-Up ~ 2016


Bloggiesta is essentially an event to connect bloggers and help them get stuff done! Basically an extra motivator to knock out those pesky to do lists that always seem to pile up. For more information and to sign up check out the Bloggiesta site!

Has a week gone by already? Spring Bloggiesta is coming to an end and I’ve got to say it has been an extremely productive week! I was excited to push myself and meet new people and I think all in all I definitely succeeded. Here was my original To-Do List:

To-Do List

  • Catch Up on Book Reviews, Write Five.
  • Cross Post Current Reviews to Goodreads.
  • Write Upcoming Posts
  • Create Sharing is Caring Feature to Highlight Blogging Community.
  • Add Features Bar to Menu.
  • Participate in at Least One Twitter Chat.
  • Participate in One Mini Challenge.

I wrote all five reviews that I intended to and now they are scheduled and ready to go out into the world. I do have a few more books to review now after my reading this past week but a lot less than before. I also cross posted reviews to Goodreads that have already gone up. I’m going to start cross posting to B&N soon too.

Elsewhere on my blog I worked on upcoming posts and scheduled a few for next week. I even fiddled around with customization on the blog adding a Features page and Menu bar to make all my different posts more accessible. The only thing I didn’t really get into was creating my Sharing is Caring feature. I have the basic idea down so I just need to execute it.

I was able to participate in two Twitter chats this week which were great fun and very informative. It was nice to connect with other participants and see how their Bloggiestas were progressing. I also participated in two Mini Challenges! I tried a new review style and started using Trello. There are a couple of other ones that I want to come back to and work on.

So overall a really productive and fun Bloggiesta experience! This was my first one and I will definitely be taking part in the future. Up next is a Summer Mini Bloggiesta from June 18-19 so be sure to check it out and join in!


6 thoughts on “Spring Bloggiesta Wrap-Up ~ 2016

  1. You DID get a lot done. . .and it seems you had a lot of fun in the process. You’re inspiring me to get my tail in gear and start setting concrete goals again. We get a LOT more done that way, don’t we? 🙂


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