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Today I’m bringing you The Halsey Book Tag originally created by the girls over at Paper Riot! I love love love Halsey’s music. It has such a powerful, ethereal quality to it and I can listen to it on repeat without getting bored. Now let’s get to those song tracks and answers!

Castle: Favorite Queen

Let’s see… Queen Kelsea Raleigh from The Queen of the Tearling. She gets thrust into power at a young age and has to piece her country back together again with her life being threatened from all sides.

Hold Me Down: A Series You Just Can’t Seem To Quit, No Matter How Hard You Try

Why would I ever want to quit a series? I guess I’ll go with Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first book but still want to try the rest of the series. Problem is I started Rebel Spring but haven’t got back into it.

New Americana: Fictional Friend Group You’d Want To Be Your Fight The Apocalypse Squad

Without a doubt my Six of Crows crew! Widely versatile and willing to do what it takes to survive, I’m sure they’re the best for the job.

Drive: A Couple That Needs To Communicate Better

While this song gives me all the Blue/Gansey feels I’m actually picking Kestrel and Arin from The Winner’s Trilogy. They suffered so much for not being honest with one another.

Hurricane: Favorite Standalone

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore: This book was a complete and utter surprise last year and it was a phenomenal read. The perfect mix of magical realism and diversity.

Roman Holiday: Cutest Contemporary Couple

I don’t read enough contemporary but I gotta give it to Cath and Levi from Fangirl. They’re freaking adorable!

Ghost: Most Tragic Break-Up

I refuse to spoil anything…

Colors: One of Your Faves Who Hurts You A Lot Cuz They Make Terrible Decisions

I feel like this sums up every character I love. How do I even choose?

Strange Love: Character A Lot Of People Don’t Get But You Absolutely Love

I know a ton of people don’t like Mal from The Grisha Trilogy but I love him to death.

Coming Down: Best Sexy Times Scene

Anything from Prince’s Gambit or King’s Rising. Plus that scene in A Court of Thorns and Roses

Haunting: A Book Or Character You’re Still Thinking About

Definitely Victoria Schwab’s A Gathering of Shadows and the wondrous Lila Bard! It’s been two months and I still cannot get over this book. Out of this world amazing and Lila’s character may be my fave ever.

Gasoline: Favorite (Self-)Destructive Character

Adelina Amouteru from Marie Lu’s Young Elite series fits this perfectly. She ends up ruining everything she built and spirals into a path of continuing destruction. What a mess!

Control: Best Villain

Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter is the absolute worst. She’s just a horrible person and thinks what she is doing is right. I mean, she’s worse than Voldemort for crying out loud!

Young God: Characters That Secretly Worship Each Other

Blue and my Raven Boys! Honestly they are all a little in love with each other and their friendships just give me all the feels!

Walk The Line: Best Retelling/Reworking

Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath & the Dawn was such a beautiful retelling of 1,001 Nights filled with luscious detail and outstanding characters.

Now that we’ve made are way to the end of the album, I’d love to hear how you would answer these questions. Feel free to tag yourself and link your responses in the comments below!

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