Potterhead July: Why do Muggleborn Children Choose the Wizarding World?

Potterhead July

Potterhead July is a month long celebration of all things HP in the build up to Cursed Child’s release. Created and hosted by Aentee over at Read at Midnight, Potterhead July has multitudes of bloggers highlighting topics from HP Gift Ideas to Sorting Situations and Diversity Discussions to Adaptation Issues. The full list of topics and bloggers can be found right HERE!

Today I’m going to consider the question”Why do Muggleborn Children Choose the Wizarding World?” It’s a fascinating topic that doesn’t seem to be addressed in the series at all. Readers only experience a few glimpses of their interactions with the Muggle world from characters like Hermione Granger, Lily Evans, Colin and Dennis Creevey, etc. For me there are three big reasons why these kids jumped into a whole new life. 

Fascination and Wonder

Each and every one of us understands the complete and utter brilliance the wizarding world has to offer. From that first trip through Diagon Alley to seeing Hogwarts for the first time, there are just so many unique details to take in. Upon receiving their letter, a Muggleborn’s curiosity must have taken hold. Wondering what they could do with a wand or why they would need an owl.

The awe that the readers experience is just the same as the characters. Colin Creevey for example takes a ridiculous amount of pictures to document the experience and share it with his family back home. Or Hermione when she discovers Toothflossing Stringmints and just has to get some for her dentist parents. The wizarding world is full to the brim with fascinating sweets and species that cannot help but draw people in.

Thirst for Knowledge

Finally discovering the power that has been inside them must have been an important factor for many Muggleborns. The desire to learn and understand how to control these magical abilities, to delve deeper into this new history that belongs to them, to hone skills that could actually shape and change the world. It must have been a compelling point for many.

I feel like this one applies so well to Hermione. Her fascination with learning and studying, trying to be the best at everything she does. Of course she was going to jump at the chance to develop her powers and become the greatest witch of her age. A challenge is often what inspires and starting at a new school in a new world would be anything but easy for Muggleborns.

Sense of Belonging

Probably the most likely reason to choose the wizarding world would be to find a place where they felt at home. Growing up with strange occurrences around them these kids possibly hung on the fringes of society or were bullied by others. To understand that they are not alone, to be surrounded by similar individuals, and to have a safe space to be themselves must have been a great comfort.

While Harry isn’t a Muggleborn, he grew up without any knowledge of the wizarding world just like them. He found a true home at Hogwarts, a place to belong. It was a haven for so many people, welcoming in children from all walks of life. It’s human nature to seek out people with common interests and Muggleborns were only going to be able to find that within the world of magic.

Outliers & Opposition

On the other side of it, there must have been Muggleborn children who didn’t join the wizarding world. Whether it came from their own decision or maybe a parents disapproval, I have to imagine that there were people who missed out. Some might not have wanted to leave their already comfortable life. If they were forced to stay away by family, would the ministry intervene? Or did these children even have a choice at all?

In Conclusion

With the discovery of a new world, the possibility of knowledge beyond their wildest dreams, and a place to feel truly free, Muggleborns had a myriad of reasons to choose the wizarding world. The opportunities for them would seem endless and that’s definitely hard to pass up. I’m so glad I could bring this little discussion to Potterhead July and celebrate my great love of Harry Potter with all my readers. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child here we come!!!

So, why do think Muggleborns choose the Wizarding World? Are they just trying to belong? Were they drawn to the unfamiliar? Did they want to gain power? And what happens to those who choose differently? Let me know all your thoughts, comments, feelings, and HP love in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Potterhead July: Why do Muggleborn Children Choose the Wizarding World?

  1. I feel like life would be difficult for a muggleborn of they dodn’t get some sort of schooling on how to control their magic. I imagine they’d struggle with accidental magic quite a bit. Over time, I’m sure they’d learn some level of control on their own, but I can’t imagine them completely getting it when they don’t have teachers or even parents to help them with it. If any muggleborn spent their childhood doing things they couldn’t explain or control, then I imagine they’d jump at the chance to learn how to make it stop happening, even if there wasn’t a stronger desire to learn magic there (although I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be).


  2. I know I’ve said this on another discussion post that covered the same question, but I’m not always sure it was a choice. I mean, you’re right, for the people who chose the wizarding world, this was a totally magical place and it was amazing for them. It gave them something they couldn’t have gotten otherwise and it revolutionized their entire lives. But at the same time, there aren’t a lot of options for people who don’t go to school to get trained. The ministry doesn’t seem to offer at-home learning options for muggleborns… to keep their world safe, it’s something like one must choose Hogwarts or risk exposing the entire world. And I don’t know what all to make of that just yet.


    • Yeah we never really got enough info on what actually happens for muggleborns. Plus Hogwarts isn’t the only option for a school though so maybe there are smaller institutions we don’t know about. Thanks for your thoughts!


  3. Great discussion. I definitely agree with your points. I don’t think that I myself would be able to resist the curiosity upon receiving a Hogwarts letter. And Hermione is definitely a character who loves to learn and discover new things. Most importantly, when you feel different and isolated like Harry, it’s so important to find people that understand you. Great post!


  4. I agree with everything you said. It must be really hard for muggle-borns, their power usually manifest since they’re young, and not all parents is supportive. Some of them must be really scared and consider their child as a freak, and sometimes those powers could accidentally hurt someone. Hogwarts offer a chance, like you said, to finally belong somewhere and control the power. It also teaches other amazing abilities, like transfiguration and astronomy, and a chance to meet fantastic creatures! We human knows magic as something that could do anything, so the possiblities of what we could do is endless, especially if the ability is developed with proper teaching. It must be really tempting for the muggle-borns 😀


  5. I might remember it wrongly, but I think the only example of witch/wizard we have who chose the Muggle world in ‘canon’ is Mcgonagall’s mum – who ended up really regretting it? I could be making this all up though ahaha. If I got offered magic, I don’t think there’s any way I could turn back -especially since magical war and mayhem inevitably affects the Muggle world anyway. Plus, they don’t seem to pay taxes at all, and their children attend school for free (aside from costs of the books and equipments). Yup, sign me up please.


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