Pokemon Go Book Tag


Disclaimer: Pokemon Go is owned by Niantic and Nintendo. All images were created by Read at Midnight.

With the release of Pokemon Go my deep love for these creatures has returned and I cannot get enough of playing this game. I absolutely adored the original anime show and can remember seeing the first movie with my dad and brothers at the old theater in town that’s now closed down. Aentee of Read at Midnight created this tag to bring together two of the most wonderful passions, books and Pokemon, and I’m excited to share my answers with everyone. Let’s get started!


If would have to be picture books when I was really young. Those very first moments when books inspired me. Definitely Madeline, Where the Wild Things Are, and Goodnight Moon to name a few.


Harry Potter all the way people!!!! This firmly cemented my addiction to books and fandom. My love for it will never fade and I will reread these till the end of my days.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn comes to mind. It was so hyped when it released and then when the movie came out. I just have no desire to read it now, the mystery and intrigue has been lost.


I went through a phase where I read a lot of dystopian series all around the same time. The Hunger Games, Divergent, Wither, Legend, etc. It didn’t deter my love for any of them though.


Mistborn has currently been checked out on my library card for months now and this is the second time I’ve tried to start it. It’s such a commitment and of course it’s a series. It will haunt me from my ottoman until I pick it up though.


I try to avoid scary books at all costs but I have on occasion branched out. The creepy crawly collection, Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, definitely did the trick and it was hard to turn off the lights.


How to choose? I have so many from the original OTP, Ron and Hermione, when I discovered shipping to pretty much any pairing Leigh Bardugo creates. My current obsession is Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury. Love! Love! Love!


I blew through All the Feels by Danika Stone in just one night. The narrative moved so quickly and I absolutely loved it!


Eevees are the cutest thing ever! I will never get bored of them especially since they evolve into so many variations. Same goes for Cassandra Clare books! Just keep em coming. I will never be tired of books set in the Shadowhunter world and it doesn’t look like I need to worry about them going away anytime soon.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix but I absolutely fell in love with this world and the characters. From Sabriel and Touchstone to Lirael and Sam, now I just crave returning to these lands.


This is such a hard one. I guess I’ll say Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas even though I may actually never read them. I have a two sided relationship with her writing and I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews.


I will forever drool over the Folio Society editions of every single book I love. They are just so beautiful, I want to pet them. Unfortunately they cost a fortune.


I’m super excited for Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill to come out this winter. I’ve heard amazing things so far and it definitely screams “must read” for me. Plus the cover is gorgeous!!!  If only my poke-eggs would hatch into ones I chose…


Gosh I have quite a few but most importantly Leigh Bardugo and J. K. Rowling, my queens. I will buy anything and everything they ever release.


For all the A Song of Ice and Fire fans out there, I am with you and feel your pain. When will Winds of Winter come out? Honestly I’m thinking never at this point. Most aggravating of all is the fact that the show has surpassed the books. Grrrr!

This was so much fun! Thanks to Aentee for creating this amazing tag and excellent graphics. I hope you enjoyed my answers and feel free to take on this tag too! Are you playing Pokemon Go? Has it taken over your life? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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