Pokemon #ReadThemAllThon & TBR


All images except Trainer Card credited to Aentee 

After Aentee from Read at Midnight created the Pokemon Go Book Tag, she thought up this brilliant readathon following the gyms of the Indigo League. During the event, readers will try to read 8 books inspired by the first 8 gyms Ash encounters and have a chance to pick a pokemon and evolve it as the challenge goes on. The #ReadThemAllThon will run from August 14 through September 4.

Chosen Pokemon

Trainer Card


My TBR is pretty ARC heavy due to the fact that I’m also participating in ARC August, but I’m so excited to get to all these titles!


A Shadow Bright and Burning

Jessica Cluess

416 Pages, +41 CP


Three Dark Crowns

Kendare Blake

416 Pages, +41 CP



Stephanie Garber

416 Pages, +41 CP



Raina Telgemeier

256 Pages, +25 CP


On Dublin Street

Samantha Young

325 Pages, +32 CP


Fear the Drowning Deep

Sarah Glenn Marsh

310 Pages, +31 CP


The Graces

Laure Eve

352 Pages, +35 CP


The End Games

T. Michael Martin

369 Pages, +36 CP

Total Potential Points if I Finish All 8 Books (including Completion Bonus): +442 CP

So are you participating in the #ReadThemAllThon? Are you excited for me to read any of these books? Let me know in the comments below!


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