Match Made in the Pages: Date Night with Rhysand & Isabelle


Match Made in the Pages is an original feature created by Reg, Cilla, Zoey, Michelle, and me as part of Nori’s Book Blogger Creativity Project to foster creativity and community within the book blogosphere.

For our BBCP topic, we decided to play matchmaker and create some romance for a few of our favorite characters. Each of us chose a person, created a dating profile for them, and let you decide who they should go out with.

I got one suggestion and it really got me thinking of all the hijinks that could ensue. A date between Rhysand and Isabelle Lightwood is just ripe for good times. Here’s how I imagined it would go:

Looking out from the pedestrian walk way atop the Brooklyn Bridge, New York was a stunning sight, bright lights shining from countless windowpanes and billboards. Rhysand relished the wind whipping through his hair as he leaned back against the railing. People passed right by him, not even glancing at his immaculate appearance, the glamour keeping him hidden from mortal view.

He had intended to pick up his date at her place, but walking up the steps of the New York Institute would not have gone over well. The Cold Peace still held and Rhys had not crossed to this realm to break it. Now she was late or keeping him waiting. The only warning he had to her arrival was the sudden clicking of heels against pavement. He turned with a sly smile to greet her, “Hello Isabelle, darling.”

She certainly knew how to make an entrance, even those around her took a second glance. Dressed in a sheer pale green dress that brushed the ground, Isabelle was radiant, her long black hair flowing down her back. She narrowed her kohl rimmed eyes, the realization that he was Fae dawning. Isabelle pressed her bright red lips together for just a moment considering her options then said “So you’re Rhysand?”

“The one and only,” he replied back, taking in every rune and scar that blazed across her skin.

“Care to explain why I trekked all the way out here?” she asked briskly meeting his gaze dead on.

Turning his head back toward the skyline and water, Rhys murmured “I thought we could go for a little swim. If you’re up for it, of course?”

Isabelle stepped up to the railing beside him looking at the dark rippling waves below. The coolness of the evening should have chilled her to the bone but the angel blood in her veins kept her comfortable. It only took a moment for her decision, grasping one of the many interweaving cables that held the bridge aloft, she pulled herself up and started toward the edge.

Rhys watched as Isabelle picked her way across the spider webbed cables, not even looking back to see if he followed. Shirt tightened against the muscles in his chest and arms as he moved across the bridge. Only when she reached the edge did Isabelle look back and watch Rhys prowl toward her. As he approached she pulled out her stele and began burning fresh runes into her skin, runes of strength and protection.

“Ready?” Rhysand asked as he sidled up alongside her.

“Always,” quipped Isabelle.

There was no countdown, no build up to the moment. Both of them just leaped off the side into the inky night. Isabelle’s dress whipped all around her, a shout a pure ecstasy breaching her lips. She was fully prepared to hit the surface of the water but Rhys had other plans. Just near the surface he unfurled his impressive wings, swerving underneath Isabelle, and wrapping her up in his arms.

She raised an eyebrow as he skimmed across the cool water. Slowly Isabelle extricated her arm and whipped her hand across Rhys’ face. The electrum around her wrist reflected the violet in his eyes and eventually Isabelle draped her arm around his neck. His features lit up with an infuriating smirk as he glided back towards the bright lights of New York City, the night only just begun…

So what did you think? Rhysand and Isabelle would certainly be quite the couple, right?

I hope you enjoyed Match Made in the Pages!

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2 thoughts on “Match Made in the Pages: Date Night with Rhysand & Isabelle

  1. :OOO omg that is brilliant, Annalisse! I love how Isabelle didn’t question the swimming, and also that Rhys swooped in like that. It would be hard to beat that beginning, but I imagine they would have quite an adventurous date in New York City. 😀 Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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