Owning a Piece of the Page: The Raven Cycle


Owning a Piece of the Page is a series to highlight all the bookish merchandise and swag that I have accumulated over the years as a lover of the written word. There’ll be jewelry, posters, maps, accessories, toys, etc. From handmade to mass produced, I bet there will be a little something for everyone to enjoy.


When I become so utterly obsessed with something, whether it be a book or TV show or movie, I inevitably want to own all the things associated with it. My bank account can attest to this. So when I plowed through The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater earlier this year I just had to add to my collection.

First up are these stunning bookmarks from Skinny Hues that I highlighted in my last Piece of the Page post. I couldn’t help but show them again. Plus these aren’t even all the TRC designs available from the store.

Society 6 and Etsy are treasure troves for fandom finds and I couldn’t resist the pull of TRC designs. Transporting me into the forest are this Cabeswater candle from Novelly Yours and this print from What the Book. Plus my love for Ronan can be seen in this gorgeous print from Cassandra Jean and this great quote mug from The Art of Young Adult.


Maggie Stiefvater, the multi talented wonder that she is, has produced her own artwork for the series. Prints are available on her Society 6 Page and there is also a gorgeous tarot deck and booklet that can be found online. For her Raven King tour, she had this gorgeous book wrap that I could stare at for days on end.


My most recent purchase has been The Raven Arcana zine and pack put together by Tumblr users Crowloop and Cloven. The Raven Arcana Project compiles fanart inspired by the 22 major arcana in tarot. The illustrations are gorgeous and I had to get the additional pack with stickers and art cards. Unfortunately this was a limited release but you can check out all the art on their feed.

So are you obsessed with The Raven Cycle like I am? Do you have any cool merch or swag from the series? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Owning a Piece of the Page: The Raven Cycle

  1. Oh man! I just looked at the art for that Raven Arcana book and I’m so sad I missed that one! I really love your collection! I was the same after I binge read the whole series earlier this year. I bought SO much fanart and merch from Society 6 and Redbubble. I regret nothing! I also adore Novelly Yours’s TRC candles! The Cabeswater one is amazing! Have you tried the other three? The Gansey scent is my favorite!


    • Yeah I went a little crazy with the merch as well. There’s just so much amazing fanart out there and I want it all! I love so many Novelly Yours candles. I haven’t tried the other TRC ones but I’ve been oh so tempted. Honestly I have to talk myself out of buying candles from there every week.


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