Down the Bookstagram Rabbit Hole: My Journey So Far


Over the past couple of months I’ve slowly but surely become immersed in the bookstagram world. Photography has always been a beautiful medium of expression in my mind and combining it with books just adds to my passion for it. It’s been a process for me getting into the community; starting from scrolling through other people’s feeds to taking pics of just books and to now trying different things. I thought I’d share my experiences for anyone interested in getting started.

First of all there are so many amazing bookstagrammers out there, all with different styles, themes, and settings. The majority of the accounts I follow on Instagram are all in the community and I love the creativity and talent that pours forth from them. It’s amazing how I don’t get bored from image after image of books. Check out some of my favorite accounts at the moment:


Scrolling through all of these amazing accounts inspired me to start taking my own photos. In the beginning they were very basic: a book on my bed sheets or a book and bookmark combo. I really got into taking pics when I started participating in monthly challenges. There are so many every month and they’ve been the best for posting consistently and getting new ideas.

After a while I wanted to start doing more, so I went out and bought large white card stock to have a clean background. I also began using all my bookish swag and merch which make for excellent props. Over the past month or so I’ve accumulated flowers, trays, and trinkets to add more depth to my pics. I’m even using different backgrounds and occasionally take outdoor photos.

It’s all about finding the right lighting to get bright photos but sometimes that’s just not in the cards. I try to take pics in the morning using natural light. I’ve also invested in daylight bulbs which are great for photos and regular use as well. Those pesky dreary days do come around so I try to take as many photos as I can when the sun is out.


Bookstagram has given me yet another outlet to express my never ending passion for the written word and I cannot help but want to share it with everyone. If you’re interested feel free to check out my Instagram, HOPEFUL125, and definitely leave your accounts in the comments below so I can discover even more excellent people in this community.

So do you like taking book pics? Do you prefer having a theme or just taking random photos? Do you post consistently or whenever you get the chance? Let me know all your Bookstagram feels down below!


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