October in Review ~ 2016


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

 Top Pick



Goodreads: 141/100

Rock My TBR: 12

Flights of Fantasy: Complete

PopSugar: 23/40

Classics: 9/12

Comment365: 321/365

Pirate/Seafaring Related Books (just for fun): 13

Life, Etc.

October, October, October. One of my fave months of the year has come to an end and I’m honestly not sure what to think about it. My reading for the most part was fine but it was also very random. I’ve got a lot of books to read in November now especially from the library and time is scarce especially with NaNoWriMo beginning. Yes I decided to participate again. I just cannot quit this challenge so I’m writing the sequel to last year’s NaNo novel. I’ll be doing weekly updates on Tuesdays so keep an eye out for those.

On the personal front work has been busy with storytimes and program planning. I’m really looking forward to this Potter Prom we’re hosting for the Fantastic Beasts release. My trip to NYC was a blast and it was wonderful seeing most of my BEA girls again. Unfortunately I also ended the month with some health concerns, dealing with discomfort and pain. Hopefully November will turn it all around going into the holiday season!

So, how was everyone’s October? Read any excellent books? Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!


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