Which Classic Female Author Am I?


Hello all! I’m trying something new today. Instead of a book tag I’m going to take a Buzzfeed quiz. This one is “Which Classic Female Author Are You?” Let’s take a look at how my answers pan out, shall we…

What are you writing with?

Ink Pens




Quill Pens

Gel Pens

I find it much easier to write pen to paper and don’t mind crossing things out if needed.

Describe Yourself In A Word







Pick An Emoji

Well this one pretty much sums up my current emotional state.

Pick A Book Genre That Needs To Go

Vampire Fantasies

Bro Novels

Pick Up Artist Books

Dinosaur Sex Novels

Celeb Memoirs

Odd Political Books

While a lot of these probably need to disappear, I am so not here for pick up artists.

Where are you reading?

An Empty Library

My Bedroom

A Park

A Flight

The Subway

Literally Anywhere

Clearly anywhere I can! So many books to read, so little time.

Pick a Movie

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Basketball Diaries

When Harry Met Sally

22 Jump Street

The Social Network

Django Unchained

Unabashedly a HP fanatic. Of course I was going to pick the movie.

It’s Friday Night, What Are You Doing?

Getting Caught Up On Work

Drinking With Friends

Planning A Road Trip

Netflix Marathon

Reading A New Novel

Hitting Up The Club

Reading is life. What else would I be doing on a Friday night?

And I got:

Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë

The sisters were educated, ambitious, and some of the best writers ever. All three of them wrote under pseudonyms with differing levels of success. Funny enough I actually have not read any of their books but I hope to get to Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre at some point.

Alright, who wants to find out which classic female author they are? Check out the Buzzfeed quiz HERE and let me know how your results turn out in the comments below!

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