November in Review ~ 2016


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

Top Pick



Goodreads: 153/100

Rock My TBR: 12

Flights of Fantasy: Complete

PopSugar: 23/40

Classics: 9/12

Comment365: 321/365

Pirate/Seafaring Related Books (just for fun): 14

Life, Etc.

November was really just a cluster fuck of epic proportions. Obviously the election has been completely devastating and not knowing what the heck is wrong with me health wise is driving me crazy. My reading has suffered and challenges have taken a back burner over the past couple months now working full time. I’m behind on all my T.V. shows besides Jane the Virgin but I did manage to watch all of the Gilmore Girls revival.

I’m really hoping December can turn things around. It’s my birthday month and with the holidays I’ve got a couple of extra days off here and there. Fingers crossed that does the trick! So how did your November go? Any good news to share? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “November in Review ~ 2016

  1. Good reading month! The shirtless-guy covers were nice eye candy too, by the way, so thanks for that. So your top pick was The Scorpio Races. I just finished reading Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle, and I’ve had my eye on Scorpio Races. Hmm, I’m gonna need to move that one up my TBR list.


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