Thoughts on A Series of Unfortunate Events

Despite being an avid reader as a child I never picked up A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I wanted to rectify that, but the saga turned out to be a long one. All the way back in 2012 I started with The Bad Beginning and then moved onto The Reptile Room. Problem was I had a hard time finishing that tiny second book so I DNFed it. It was just too repetitive. When I started working at the library in 2015 I decided to listen to two through thirteen on audio and now at the end of 2016 I’ve finally finished!

Honestly I have so many mixed feelings about these books. I think I would have enjoyed these books a whole lot more as a kid. There was a lot of repetitive elements that got dull pretty quickly. The introduction of VFD brought new life but that only lasted for so long. Snicket’s writing is so educational especially when it comes to the meaning of words. As an adult though, it often grated on my nerves.

I loved the Baudelaires though. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were such individuals yet relied on each other heavily without their parents there. Violet had her inventions, Klaus had literature, and Sunny had her teeth, language, and cooking skills. Honestly Sunny might have been my fave since she was an actual baby. Count Olaf was an awful and ridiculous villain and his people added humor to the seriousness of the situations.

The audiobooks, at least the ones narrated by Tim Curry, were captivating and fun. He includes so many different voices and has the perfect tone for the creepiness of the series. I also liked the strange and hilarious songs that accompanied some of the titles. I think those were additional from the regular print format. Unfortunately the ones narrated by the author were monotone and dull. Luckily there were only a few of those.

Also the final book, aptly titled The End, was so different from the rest of the novels and left so many questions unanswered that I wanted to flip a desk. It was as if Lemony Snicket gave up and just through something together and deemed it an ending. It really soured my feelings for the series as a whole. I guess I’d give A Series of Unfortunate Events a 3 to 3.5 rating depending on my mood. It probably would have been higher if I was younger.

Overall I would highly recommend these for children but maybe not so much for adults. I’m definitely glad I read and finally finished them though. Have you read this Lemony Snicket series? How did you feel about the end? Who was your favorite character? And are you excited for the new Netflix series? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. I 100% agree with your thoughts on The End! So I read most of these when I was younger but recently decided to reread so I could finish the series. The first few were repetitive like you said but then it got more interesting with VFD and all these QUESTIONS I had. Things were leading up to what appeared to be an exciting end and even some answers in penultimate peril but OMG I was so frustrated with the last book!! How could he do that to us after such a long series — it def felt a bit like a cop out to me. Still enjoyable enough for the series as a whole though. And I also loved Tim curry narrating! 🙂


  2. Your story sounds so much like mine. I read the first book years ago then decided I would listen toothed rest. Still working my way though them. But the introduction of VFD broke up the repetitiveness and sparked my intrigue anew. As I continue to listen I know there is more to the story than just what is on the surface and I can wait until I get to The End to see if what I think happened is actually what is going on.


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