Owning a Piece of the Page: Fae Findings

Owning a Piece of the Page is a series to highlight all the bookish merchandise and swag that I have accumulated over the years as a lover of the written word. There’ll be jewelry, posters, maps, accessories, toys, etc. From handmade to mass produced, I bet there will be a little something for everyone to enjoy.


Wow! It’s been way too long since I’ve done an Owning a Piece of the Page post. Last year I became slightly obsessed with A Court of Mist and Fury and proceeded to buy a bunch of bookish related merchandise for it. Today I’m highlighting some of these beautiful pieces and their creators.

On the bookmark front I’ve got a couple vibrant ones from Skinny Hues with the Rainbow of Velaris and the stars and mountains. Then there’s these mini Court of Dreams characters from HappyHelloCo.

For candles I have two celebrating everyone’s fave High Lord and his court. The first is from The Melting Library and the second is from Novelly Yours.

I picked up this gorgeous quote print from LittlePaperMama to showcase one of the most wonderful quotes from the book. My obsession with art continues with this phenomenal print of the Court of Dreams from Charlie Bowater and then all of these beautiful stickers from Taratjah.


So those are all my A Court of Mist and Fury pieces. Yes, clearly I have a buying problem. Do you have any cool ACOMAF art or merch? Let me know in the comments below!

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