2017 Love-A-Thon ~ Valentine’s Care Package Mini-Challenge


The 2017 Love-A-Thon is a wonderful weekend event held from February 18-20 to promote positivity, kindness, friendship, and good vibes throughout the book community whether it be in blogging, booktube, bookstagram, etc. Hosted by Alexa Loves Books, The Novel Hermit, Super Space Chick & The Daily Prophecy, Love-A-Thon brings people together with fun challenges, twitter chats, blog hopping, and comment sprees. Come join the fun!

Who doesn’t love receiving care packages from friends? Getting mail really is the best! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could send your fave fictional characters a little love in the mail too? If the opportunity arose I would definitely want to lavish a little love on everyone’s favorite heartrender, Nina Zenik. This girl deserves the world so check out what I would send her way!

The Ultimate Nina Zenik Care Package

Let’s start off with all the sugary sweets Nina craves. Cookies, cakes, even tasty macaroons. 

Don’t these all look delicious. Plus they taste just as good as they look. They’re actually from a local bakery, Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes.

After she’s done feasting Nina deserves all the pampering and relaxation possible so I’ve gotten her a gift from Lush Cosmetics.


The You’re a Star gift set will let Nina treat herself to a personal spa day multiple times whether is be a bath, massage, or even just a luxuriously moisturized face.

The last gift on my list would be an item of decor for the home. I mean who doesn’t like candles.


Yes, possibly a little morbid, but I think these skull candles from EmberCandleCo fit Nina perfectly.

So do you think Nina would approve of my selections? What would you buy Nina Zenik? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for joining me this Love-A-Thon weekend!


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