February in Review ~ 2017


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

Top Pick



Goodreads: 32/100

Rock My TBR: 4

Flights of Fantasy: 10/45

Diverse Reads: 7

PopSugar: 13/40

Pirate/Seafaring Related Books (just for fun): 4

Life, Etc.

The shortest month of the year has come and gone and while it’s supposedly still winter the weather has been acting differently. It’s been nice to have 60 degree temps in February. I could get to use to this if I wasn’t so terrified of the chaos global warming will cause. On the health front I’m really tired of throwing money at doctors when they cannot tell me what’s wrong. Also MRI machines are terrifying and I couldn’t go through with that test. Plus I have to go gluten free starting in March.

I am nearly caught up with all of my superhero shows. It’s only taken a few months of procrastination. I’m going to binge Black Sails once it’s all out since I’m not patient enough to wait week to week and The 100 has been excellent so far. My reading game is still high and I think I’m managing my time better. Now I just need to do a massive clean of my room and hopefully I’ll be back on track.

How has everyone”s February been? Have you been treated to some abnormal temps? Up to date on all your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments below!


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