March in Review ~ 2017


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

Top Pick



Goodreads: 48/100

Rock My TBR: 5

Flights of Fantasy: 17/45

Diverse Reads: 12

PopSugar: 18/40

Pirate/Seafaring Related Books (just for fun): 7

Life, Etc.

Why is it already April? Honestly time just needs to slow down! March has been my best reading month of the year so far as I knocked out so many full books. Less comics though. I also finally caught up on iZombie just in time for the season premiere next week. We’re now cutting the cable cord and going to Playstation Vue so maybe I’ll catch up on more shows now that I’m not distracted by all the channels. Highlight of the month was seeing Victoria Schwab in KY.

March was also the first month of me going gluten free and I have to say it’s not as bad as I thought. A lot less eating out but that’s probably a good thing. I’m trying to cook more which is always an adventure. My body still has its moments but overall I’m feeling better. Hopefully as time goes on I’ll get accustomed to it all. Work has been great as well and I now get to order audiobooks and DVDs for the Children’s Department. Feel free to leave me recommendations in the comments.

So how has your March been? Any exciting news?


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