Book Trailer Tag!


Book trailers have become more and more popular as promotional avenues and it’s fun to think of all the different options out there. The Book Trailer Tag, created by Kayley Hyde on Youtube, asks a bunch of questions in regard to the medium and a reader’s relationship to it. Check out my answers below!

What is your favorite book trailer?

My friend Sarah from The YA Book Traveler makes some of the most wondrous book trailers. Currently my fave is her most recent work for The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye. Check it out HERE but be wary of spoilers since it’s a sequel.

Do you remember the first book trailer you ever watched?

Honestly no. The first one to really stand out in my mind though was the trailer for Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider. It was done by Yulin Kuang who puts out amazing short films on Youtube.

Do you seek out book trailers when considering reading a book?

Not typically but if I see a trailer for a book I’m excited for I always check it out.

What’s the silliest book trailer you’ve ever seen?

There’s a website used by educators called Book Nook where students can make their own book trailers and let me tell you some of them are hilarious. I watched one on The Fifth Wave and these two boys starred in it; bad green screen hijinks and so much more.

What book trailer made you wish that the book was a film?

This trailer for Geekerella by Ashley Poston was so well done that I totally think it would make a great film. Plus I desperately want Starfield to be a real show so this is the next step. Right?

What book do you think would make a great, cinematic trailer?

Well, of course, any book in Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse! I’d love to see one for Six of Crows specifically though. The shady streets of Ketterdam, the vast ice fields of Fjerda. It would be visually stunning.

Has a book trailer ever swayed you to read a book that you weren’t sure you wanted to read?

Not that I can think of but I am pretty new to this book trailer thing.

What is your favorite style of book trailer?

I really like book trailers that give the reader a look at the world there about to be immersed in. It jolts the imagination and gives a starting point for visualizing the words on the page.

What book trailer would you send to someone to encourage them to read a book you love?

Have you read Nevernight by Jay Kristoff yet? Please watch this trailer and then pick up the book. Be repared for pain and suffering.

Who do you tag?

Whoever would like to participate! Or feel free to answer in the comments.

So what did you think of this tag? Do you like watching book trailers? Any I need to check out?

Let me know in the comments below!

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