The Reading Quest ~ TBR

Reading Quest Character Card

Once again Aentee from Read at Midnight has crafted an enthralling readathon for book lovers far and wide to be a part of. It’s a video game inspired adventure called The Reading Quest that runs from August 13 through September 10. Check out the sign up post HERE and join in on all the fun!


There are two important things to note for this challenge. First there are four different paths to follow within the game and the one you follow is determined by character class. The four options are knight, bard, rogue, and mage and only you can choose which one suits your fancy.


The descriptions for each character are listed above and their color coordinated paths can be found below on the bingo board. Also note that the central blue squares are side quests that can be completed as well.


The other big thing to note is that points can be accumulated while reading/participating in the challenge. This allows you to gain experience and eventually level up your character. All those details can be found in the sign up post. I’ve chosen to begin my journey as a mage so check out what I’m reading below!


Reading Quest Mage TBR.png

Let me know in the comments if you’re participating too!

P.S. Huge shout out to Aentee for the wonderful graphics and CW at Read Think Ponder for the character art.


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