February in Review ~ 2018


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

Top Pick



Goodreads: 30/120

Debut Author Challenge: 3/12

Read Harder Challenge: 3/24

Rock My TBR: 6

Life, Etc.

 February, of course, flew by with it being the shortest month and what has felt like the busiest so far. Work continues to be crazy with a renovation starting as well as programs happening left and right. Unfortunately near the end of the month my grandma passed away so an unplanned trip to KC was in the cards. She’s at peace now which is the most important part but it was nice to spend time with family and give her a proper send off.

Even with all this stuff going on though I was able to read seventeen books this month. I didn’t get to as many titles on my TBR as I’d hoped with review copies coming in that needed to be read ASAP but overall I’m happy with it. Plus I’m well on my way to my MG goal with three this month alone. In other entertainment I’m caught up on Call the Midwife on Netflix and Black Panther was freaking epic. Cannot wait to go see it again!

How did your February pan out? Any awesome books read this month?

Let me know in the comments below!

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