A Happy Hour with Tomi Adeyemi


On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful author event in Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art hosted by The Shady Ladies Literary Society. The group puts together outings bringing together food, booze, and passion for women’s stories and I’m so glad they hosted the brilliant Tomi Adeyemi for her debut, Children of Blood and Bone.


My friend and I signed up for the Happy Hour option which entitled us to an hour and a half of mixing and mingling as well as the signature drink for the evening, Mama Agba’s Tea. The beverage was delightful and if we’d opted for the Dinner Party (which we fully regret not doing) I’d have had more than one.


I was happy to meet up with Sarah from The Book Traveler and her daughter as it’s been almost two years since I’d last seen them and it was nice to catch up. Around 7:30pm the event coordinator invited Tomi up to read a brief passage from the book. She explained what this scene and writing meant to her, the fear and the hope she experienced.

After the reading Tomi was gracious enough to personalize copies of the book and speak with each of us. I expressed my love for the book and how I cannot wait to get it into the hands of my patrons and she made the connection between my name and How to Get Away with Murder and waxed poetic about the show.


After that we had a chance to wander around the museum and check out the current installations. There was a maze to walk through, photography to view, and mixed media to contemplate.

All in all it was a fantastic event; an eclectic mix of age, race, and gender with an intimate environment and a whole lot of fun. I’m so glad I got to meet Tomi and hope to see her shine in the future and maybe I’ll get to more Shady Ladies’ events as well.

Have you read Children of Blood and Bone? Been to any unique author events?

Let me know in the comments below!

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