July in Review ~ 2018


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read

Top Pick



Goodreads: 113/120

Debut Author Challenge: 10/12

Read Harder Challenge: 9/24

Rock My TBR: 16

Life, Etc.

Where does the time go? Honestly I feel like I lost all of July. Maybe it’s the stress from work with an ongoing renovation and constant programming or the drain of the world on my soul. Probably all of the above really. It’s just been a lot so to combat this I’m taking comfort in my favorite things and also stress spending which is unfortunate for my bank account.

Of course my reading hasn’t dropped off and I’m trying to balance out genres by going from fantasy to romance to contemporary, etc. I’ve also been watching a lot of Harry Potter recently as well as starting a rewatch of SW: Clone Wars after the announcement that it’s coming back for a 12 episode final season. The best part of July though was attending the Liverpool v. Manchester United match in Ann Arbor this past weekend and watching my favorite team (Liverpool) crush our biggest rivals up close.

How did July go for you? Anyone else feeling lost?

Let me know in the comments below!

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