Three Years On: A Blogaversary


Hopeful Reads is turning three!

Three years of blogging has been wild and the book community continues to be a home for me despite all of its ups and downs. Hopeful Reads continues to grow and as far as stats go there are 516 wonderful people following across WordPress, Email, and Bloglovin and I’ve made 768 posts with 17,106 total views. I’m truly so grateful for all the support.


My third year of blogging has felt a little lackluster and my energy is dragging. I’m still as passionate as ever when it comes to books and I have no intention of stopping. My Bookstagram passion is still on the rise though and I’m super happy with my pictures of late. Check it out!


I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for supporting the blog. I love being apart of the bookish community and I appreciate all the feedback, interaction, comments, etc. that have been shared on my site and hope that it continues in the future. As a way of showing my unending gratitude check out the giveaway below.


For my two year blogaversary I’m offering up one book from Book Depository or Wordery under $15. It’s as International as I can make it!


Thanks again for stopping by and supporting the blog!

P.S. I’d love to know where all my visitors are from so leave it in the comments below!

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