November Book Haul ~ 2018


How does this keep happening?

Clearly I have no self control since stacks keep appearing at my door!

At the beginning of November I ordered From Unseen Fire, Umbertouched, and Monstress Vol. 2 & 3 from Barnes & Noble. I picked up signed copies of The Brilliant Death and Archenemies from B&N’s Black Friday sale. I also caved to Amazon’s deals and picked up the Shades of Magic paperback box set, Behind the Throne, After the Crown, Beyond the Empire, and There Before the Chaos. Book Outlet as always got my money when I picked up The Bloodprint, Into the Bright Unknown, The Last Namsara, The Way You Make Me Feel, Even the Darkest Stars, and Winterspell. Plus at our library sale I grabbed Thrawn: Alliances and Girls of Paper and Fire came in my Owlcrate.

What did you pick up in November?

Let me know in the comments below!

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