December in Review ~ 2018


Welcome to my Month in Review!

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Goodreads: 175/120

Debut Author Challenge: 12/12

Read Harder Challenge: 12/24

Rock My TBR: 19

Life, Etc.

How is it possible that another year is almost gone? 2018 has felt both fast and long at the same time with lots of ups and downs personally as well as with the world. December though has been rather good with some time off to relax and work that has felt rewarding. The renovation is finally coming together and I’ve spent a lot of time shifting books into their final positions.

In terms of reading I’ve picked up a few highly anticipated titles as well as a back log of comics and holiday romances. For television I’ve watched all my fave holiday flicks as well as the final season of Voltron, finished the latest season of Call the Midwife on Netflix, and a lot of Doctor Who reruns. Christmas was a relaxing affair as always with just my mom and brothers for present opening and dinner.

How did your December pan out? Was it ridiculously busy or were you able to relax?

Let me know in the comments below!

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