January Book Haul ~ 2019


Wow did things get wild book purchasing wise this month! Honestly I expected a lot of the new releases to end up in this haul but I didn’t count on my library book sale or Book Outlet dropping a bunch of new stuff or even falling in love with a backlist series I needed immediately. So good job me!

In terms of new releases I picked up The Wicked King, Firestarter, The Gilded Wolves, Kingdom of Copper, Song of the Dead, The Vanishing Stair, and of course both The Severed Moon & King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Courting Darkness also came early.

From Book Outlet I bought Alex, Aprroximately, Dumplin’, Stay Sweet, Puddin’, Summer of Salt, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, Thicks as Thieves, and The Edge of Everything. I also picked up The Day of the Duchess from Half Priced Books.


From my library book sale I bought Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord, A Rogue by Any Other Name, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, Wicked and the Wallflower, The Kiss of Deception, and The Beauty of Darkness.

Alright just writing all that out was tiring…

So, have you read any of these books? What did you get in January?

Let me know in the comments below!

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