May & June in Review ~ 2019


Welcome to my Month in Review!

Books I Read


Book: The Merciful Crow

Movie: Detective Pikachu

TV Show: Good Omens

Listen: Happiness Begins by Jonas Brothers


Goodreads: 84/150

Beat the Backlist: 32/20

Read Harder Challenge: 4/24

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge: 9

Sirens Reading Challenge: 9/25
(runs October 2018 to October 2019)

Life, Etc.

It’s been a while friends!!! I may have fallen off from blogging consistently for the past month and a bit but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading or keeping up on all things bookish. Work and life have kept me incredibly busy as I’ve taken on many new responsibilities at the library and am now the Assistant Manager of our branch. It’s an exciting and wild opportunity that I hope works out well to say the least.

As far as the blog goes I want to keep up with it as much as possible so I’m going to cut back from five days to three. That should give me enough freedom to post reviews and a few fun things from time to time. In terms of reading I’m trying to catch up on my ever growing TBR since it’s grown to massive proportions which is entirely my fault. Especially before the busy fall book season comes around.

How did May and June go for you? Any exciting news or adventures?

Let me know in the comments below!

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