Stiefvater on the Road: The Raven King Tour

Look! An author event finally right in my backyard! I was so thrilled that Maggie Stiefvater was making a stop in Cleveland for her Raven King Tour despite getting to see her at BEA. There never seems to be anything around me so I was lucky not to drive far for this one. Plus it was at my local Barnes & Noble so I felt right at home. I haven’t been to an event there since the midnight release of Deathly Hallows.

On the day, I arrived at about 5:15 pm and grabbed a numbered ticket from the customer service desk. My B&N is two stories and the event was on the second floor by the cookbooks. There were a fair amount of people already sitting and I quickly grabbed a seat in the middle. While waiting, I made small talk with those around me as the area began to fill up.It was packed by the time Maggie arrived at 7:00 pm! Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day ~ 2016


The first Saturday of May has come and gone and so too has Free Comic Book Day! This yearly event takes place across the globe at independent comic book stores where publishers sponsor preview issues of their upcoming work and bring more attention to small businesses!

This was my fifth time participating in FCBD and it was amazing as always. I’m lucky to have an excellent comic book shop nearby in Carol & John’s Comics and they always put on the best events for their customers. They actually have two events, one a midnight release on Friday and an all day event on Saturday but I’ve done the evening one for the past three years.

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Visiting the Pharaoh: A Cleveland Museum of Art Trip


When I found out the Cleveland Museum of Art was hosting a special exhibition entitled Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt for their Centennial Celebration I knew I had to see it for myself. Ancient history has always been my favorite topic of study especially in college. I spent so much time learning about Rome and Greece but my passion for Egypt began with a book series actually.

My aunt and cousin introduced me to the Amelia Peabody mystery series in high school and I have read every single one of the nineteen published books by Elizabeth Peters. Set in the late 19th to early 20th century in Egypt and occasionally Britain these books follow the adventures of Amelia Peabody, a feisty woman fascinated with Egyptology and Archaeology. There’s murder, mystery, dashing men, female power, and a bunch more excitement to be had.

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Event Recap: Meeting Rainbow Rowell

When I got the email from one of my local library systems that Rainbow Rowell was coming for an author event on February 25 I was so overjoyed! From my first foray with Eleanor & Park to finally reading Attachments in January, Rainbow has become one of my favorite authors ever. I have read and now own all of her books and was delighted to get the chance to meet her in person.

IMG_0406 (2)

Of course when the day arrived, unpredictable Ohio weather was at it again, snowing pretty much all day but barely sticking to the ground. Thankfully the roads were alright to make the trek and we arrived there with plenty of time. I had talked my mom into coming with me. She’d read Landline previously and I wanted a buddy. Plus her car is better in bad weather.

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Tor Authors Meetup in Michigan

When I heard that Victoria Schwab and Susan Dennard were going to be in Michigan in January for an event together with a bunch more Tor authors, I immediately thought ‘I want to go’ and then ‘but the weather’. Then I thought of all the deterrents like working the next morning and driving back home in the dark. The war back in forth in my mind was inevitably decided the day before the event with plenty of encouragement from my coworkers.

I made the two and a half hour drive up to Livonia, smooth sailing the whole way, and arrived at the Northville Barnes & Noble around 5 PM. I met up with Jamie of BooksandLadders and Sarah of TheYABookTraveler to hangout beforehand, getting a little food and coffee in the café while we waited. It was amazing to be able to meet fellow bloggers in real life, talk about books (of course), and learn more about each other. We were able to get seats in the front row since we got there early.


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