Compiling a Collection: My Foray into Audiobook Ordering


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been working in a library since late 2013, and became full time last September. Now that things have settled in terms of job transitioning, I’m taking on more responsibilities than every before and I’m so excited. Along with programming and desk work, I’m going to be ordering for the first time ever and will be in charge of the J DVDs and YA and J Audiobooks.

 At the moment my main focus is the audiobooks. It’s been a while since the collection has been taken care of so the first thing I did was go in and weed out any titles that haven’t gone out in the past year. That cut the collection in half, leaving me with a lot to fill in. Especially since very few titles have been purchased recently. Plus we have a very very small selection of playaways (MP3 players with the audiobook on it).

Now I’ve been making lists of new releases and audiobooks I know I want to be in the collection, but I got to thinking what others would like to listen to. So I’m opening up the floor to my readers. I’d love to know your thoughts on:

  • Are there YA and J audiobooks I have to have in our collection?
  • What are your favorite audiobooks?
  • Should there be an even mixture of genres?
  • Do you prefer audiobooks or playaways?
  • What does your ideal audiobook section look like?

Share your answers and recommendations in the comments below and hopefully I’ll be able to implement some of your ideas as well as my own!